Aside from the lessons available at the academy, we offer the opportunity to audition to be part of “The Company” - an elite musical theatre ensemble, ideal for triple-threat students who wish to pursue a professional career in the performing arts industry.


Entry to this class will result in a successful, prepared dance, singing and acting audition, assessed by a panel of industry professionals.


“The Company” is quick-paced, focused and structured, with productions performed at external venues in the local area, showcasing the students and representing the academy. 


As part of “The Company” students will also under-take a group musical theatre exam, being assessed in a production on their individual performance.




At State of the Arts Academy we offer two separate classes accommodating all Special Educational Needs – one for adults and one for juniors. We are an inclusive theatre school and these classes are designed to suit individuals and their specific needs.

Benefits of these classes:


Confidence building

Establish friendships

Introducing discipline and routine

Learning new skills and development



Our intention is to focus our attention around the needs of the student(s). SEN classes are important to us. As an academy, it ensures nobody under our roof feels segregated or is forced to face limitations; these classes are the heart of the academy as we believe in equal opportunities for all!




Raise your voice is a singing group aimed, not only at those who have diagnosed conditions such as Parkinson’s, Dementia and COPD, to name just a few, but to anyone who wants to take part in a fun, social activity benefitting positive mental and physical health.

It has been proved that singing can improve circulation, boost the immune system, increase brain activity and is suitable for all ages and abilities. “Music […] can be used to improve mood, regulate emotion and relieve stress” (Clair & Memmott, 2008).

Raise your voice is a service that aims to incorporate social interaction, peer support, engagement and active participation to improve quality of life, communication and social engagement.

An active singing program can improve cognition and life satisfaction among individuals with dementia in an assisted living facility.

Come and join us to sing songs from yesteryear and boost your health and happiness in the process.

Class to be held on a Wednesday afternoon, 3:00pm-4:00pm, and is £3. Refreshments available from 2:30pm.



Do you play air guitar?  Do you sing in the shower? Do you tap the beat of every song you hear?  Do you dream of the spotlights?

State of the Arts Academy offers singing, guitar and drum lessons alongside unique classes in technical support and stagecraft giving you everything you need to start your musical career.  Our students will be given the chance to learn the same performance pieces allowing them to work together as a complete band.

The classes on offer are;

Drum Lessons

Piano Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Technical Theatre Courses

Performance Coach - This class will include performance technique, mentoring, coaching in Mic                technique, stage skills, group and solo performances, publicity and building a showreel.

Our music department boasts award winning talents with over 20 years live music industry experience. At the end of the term all music students will be working together to do a Live gig in front of a sell out industry audience, giving you the chance to network and take bookings.